March 5, 2021

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In 403 coronavirus hospitalizations on the Island | government

The number of hospitalized for Covid-19 on the Island woke up at 403, a drop of 32 compared to the figure reported yesterday by the Health Department.

Of these, 60 adults are in intensive care, nine less than yesterday. The total number of patients connected to ventilators fell to 39.

Still, a pediatric patient is among the statistics on the Health portal as incarcerated in intensive care and connected to a ventilator. The minor has been hospitalized for several days.

The hospital system currently has 2,989 beds for adults, 203 intensive beds, 988 pediatric beds, 69 pediatric intensive beds and 775 ventilators.

Salud reported in its daily report today a record number of 683 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and another 432 probable cases.

The Health Department report reported six deaths from Covid-19; meanwhile, it was registered …

With the additional deaths reported, the confirmed deaths total 435 and the probable ones are 170, making the total of deaths 605.

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