November 27, 2020

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In 77,505 accumulated cases of Covid-19 on the Island | government

The Department of Health report reported seven deaths from Covid-19; Meanwhile, 1,032 new confirmed and probable cases were registered.

With these cases, there are 77,505 cases accumulated since the pandemic began.

In the case of reported deaths, they were classified as confirmed and are broken down below: 86-year-old man from the Mayagüez region; 81-year-old woman from the Bayamón region; 94-year-old woman from the Bayamón region; 71-year-old woman from the Metro region; 68-year-old woman from the Bayamón region; 75-year-old man from the Metro region and a 62-year-old man from the Metro region.

With these additional deaths, the deaths, between confirmed and probable, add up to 921.

It is in fact the constant increase in the number of cases and deaths that caused the tightening of the restrictions in the executive order to try to stop the virus. The same, which comes into force on Monday, activates the National Guard to watch over the restrictions; decreases commercial capacity to 30% and limits the use of the beach, among others.

Summary of the Department of Health report:

Additional confirmed cases: 601

Total confirmed cases: 41,174

Additional suspicious cases: 368

Total probable cases: 35,733

Additional probable cases: 63

Total probable cases: 598

Additional confirmed deaths: 7

Total confirmed deaths: 711

Additional probable deaths: 0

Total probable deaths: 210

Total reported deaths: 921

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