May 15, 2021

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In limbo continuation of the primarista process | government

Although he assures that they will use the necessary budget items so that the primarista process can be carried out in its entirety, the president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Juan Ernesto Dávila Rivera, admitted that the agency does not have the money budgeted for this electoral event, which would resume next Sunday.

“The reality is that the commission obviously did not budget for having to do another event next Sunday. So we will make an approach, but for the moment with the operational budget we support the matter so that the event on Sunday can take place ", said yesterday to EL VOCERO.

The head of the EEC admitted that the delay in processes would entail additional expense. In that sense, he added that the detail of the cost will depend on the final report sent by the electoral commissioners of the Popular Democratic and New Progressive parties to know how much money and additional material are needed.

“They have to give me the A list of how many voting centers they were able to open, the precincts, and the routes must now be designed in accordance with the new number we have. So, from there we can enter into negotiations with the different carriers to then have a real number. That is, I cannot give you a number now because I do not have all the elements of judgment. "

Dávila did not want to answer the question of whether the EEC would be ready to resume proceedings before next Sunday. Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced said that she was willing to sign an executive order to resume the event earlier, but indicated that she needs to know if the commission is ready.

Given the premise, the head of the CEE responded that “the electoral commissioners have to inform me first of all the information we requested today (yesterday) so that we can then make a determination.

To avoid a repetition of what happened on Sunday —when there were voting centers without ballots and a delay in the delivery of briefcases— Dávila stated that he would communicate with the parties at least 24 hours before to certify that the all packaging. The official does not foresee that the disclosure of the results will be delayed, so the voting centers that open that day would operate at 8:00 a.m. at 4:00 pm

For now, the parties must provide, as detailed, the inventory of schools where they could vote or not last Sunday so that then the EEC can design the hauling of materials, establish new lease contracts of private premises if necessary and provide the additional material required. Analyzes resignation

Despite the fact that it is the first time that an electoral voting process has been suspended and with the weight that it occurred under his direction, Dávila He maintained that he will analyze submitting his resignation. “For me, quitting is the easiest thing to do. It is the easiest. I believe that it is not my responsibility to do so in the middle of this situation. The event should take place next Sunday, we must complete the process of the primaries and then I will be analyzing the matter ", he added.

But why not present his resignation next Monday, when the process of the primaries ends after of this chaos? he was asked. "I would be analyzing the matter because then the general scrutiny also comes, because remember that the night of the event a preliminary certification is issued, but it is not the final certification," he added. Late printing of ballots

Given the fact that on the 6th In July, the EEC placed the purchase order at the Printech printing house for the primary ballots, Dávila replied: “The reason for that is due to calculation. The political parties had to calculate how many ballots they were going to use and that is a matter of electoral planning. ”

“ It is not an administrative management of this server and that matter, as it was delayed. However, I reiterate that this is a single printing company in Puerto Rico ”, he added. "The dates that they gave us little by little moved because we had been informed that all the ballots were going to be available for August 5," he said.

Dávila stated that the parties requested additional ballots from those of the order made on July 6, which altered the production line at the printing house. Instead, Printech said yesterday – through its legal advisor, former federal judge José Antonio Fusté – that the ballot printing process is carried out under the strict presence and supervision of the representatives designated by the EEC and the parties, at the facilities themselves.

“Without the presence of these officials, the ballots cannot be printed. The printing work was carried out despite the fact that no payment has been made by the EEC, as previously established, ”added Fusté.

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