July 29, 2021

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In quarantine the Secretary of Justice and all the staff of her office

The Secretary of the Department of Justice, Inés Carrau Martinez, and the personnel assigned to her office, will be in quarantine after an employee tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“An employee of the Office of the Secretary tested positive for COVID-19, so the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary and the personnel of said office remain in quarantine and the corresponding tests will continue to be carried out,” the agency commented in written statements.

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In the statement, it was indicated that they began the process to disinfect the entire floor where the virus-positive employee works.

“Internal protocol measures were taken, the entire 8th floor and common areas of elevators and lobby were disinfected. We have done what is necessary to protect all our personnel as established in our Contingency Plan and Protection of the employees of the Department of Justice before the Covid-19 ”, they concluded.

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