April 20, 2021

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In the air appointment to the PFEI | government

The House of Representatives alleged that it is not their role to go to court to invalidate the appointment of attorney Carlos Rodríguez Muñoz as alternate member of the Panel on the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI), after Governor Wanda Vázquez declared that the rejection of that legislative body this designation was null.

The spokesman for the non-progressive majority, Gabriel Rodríguez Aguiló, explained that it is not the Chamber's responsibility to go to court. "The appointment was rejected by the House. It is not for us to go to court or any other relevant forum. That matter has already been settled in the Chamber, "he said.

The appointment of Rodríguez Muñoz, ex-husband of the federal prosecutor Olga Castellón, arose at a time when the PFEI was conducting an investigation against Vázquez and other officials close to La Fortaleza. . The investigation investigates the management of supplies from the Family Economic Development Administration (Adsef) that should reach the hands of the victims of the earthquakes in the southwest of the Island.

Vázquez asked yesterday that the case be dismissed in against him because, in his judgment, he lacks evidence to support the charges.

Vázquez and the rest of the officials are accused of alleged violations of the Anti-Corruption Code, the Penal Code and the Government Ethics Law.

EL VOCERO learned that if the governor insists on the appointment of Rodríguez Muñoz, there is a possibility that his discussion in the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico will end. The sources consulted indicate that it would be a 'quo warranto', which is an extraordinary remedy that seeks a court order for an official to cease acting in a specific way that goes beyond his authorized powers.

The popular representative Luis Vega Ramos said that there are two scenarios: that the governor challenges the Chamber's rejection of the appointment in court or that the official appears at the PFEI offices to try to assume his functions. “In procedural terms, the governor's theory where she can only elucidate it is in court. What happens is that she released a statement saying that she was sending the appointment to the Chamber and Senate, and in the Chamber they caught her in her lie, "he said.

Vega Ramos explained that the Chamber was part of the record of the daily session a press release sent by the president in which she announced that she would submit the appointment of Rodríguez Muñoz for the consideration of the Legislature. He said that with this, the Chamber accepted the notification of the appointment to the PFEI. "The Chamber made an interpretation, unanimously approved it and nobody questioned it as to the nature of the public document when it announced that it was sending it (the appointment)," he noted.

In written statements, Vázquez argued that the Chamber rejected a appointment that he had not yet sent for consideration by the Legislature. The law that creates the PFEI details that it had to go through the House and the Senate. The latter did not consider the appointment because he had not yet been formally notified, according to this means.

However, the majority spokesman, Carmelo Ríos, said that the Senate could confirm the appointment of Rodríguez Muñoz, but that it would be inconsistent after the House's rejection. He argued that indirectly "he is defeated" because "although we confirm it, it will not happen."

"I understand that it does not need to be considered because it would not have an effect," said Ríos.

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