January 24, 2021

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In transit 71 thousand checks of $ 1,200 | government

The Secretary of the Treasury Department, Francisco Parés, reported today that some 71 thousand checks for $ 1,200 and refunds are in transit.

"71 thousand checks were sent last week. Some people have already received them. Almost all of them are for $ 1,200, but there may be some refund. But yes, the Department (of the Treasury) during the past week was working with the printing of those physical checks, "he explained about the status of the last phase of delivery of checks of the Economic Impact Program, as part of the Cares Act.

On the other hand, he assured that about 8 thousand checks are pending, 5 thousand of these due to discrepancies with the addresses on the checks. The other 3,000 are in a "processing with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)" stage. "It is something that must be elucidated in the coming weeks," he said in an interview with WKAQ.

He added that some 100,000 people were disqualified from receiving the federal benefit. Among the reasons, he said that the main one was that they had been declared as dependents, and therefore they were not entitled to the $ 1,200. There are 70 thousand people under this line.

On the other hand, he pointed out that there are 16 thousand cases in which Social Security does not match the name, according to the IRS records.

He assured that people who do not qualify were notified by email.

Since April, the Department of the Treasury has been working with the distribution of these funds.

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