August 1, 2021

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Increase consumer traffic in shopping malls

A month and a half after the shopping malls reopened in the middle of the coronavirus emergency, consumer traffic has reached 70% of the levels registered for the summer of last year, the president of the Association of Puerto Rican Shopping Centers, Adolfo González.

In fact, the largest and busiest shopping center on the Island, Plaza Las Américas, reported that its visitor registry fluctuates at a similar average.

In what “not there is consistency ”is in the average sale that is recorded. As an example, González accepted that those centers whose activity revolves around a supermarket or has many customer service stores may do better than others.

He revealed that the sale of eyeglasses and shoes have also stood out after the reopening. He also highlighted increases for those who offer services to customers from bringing items to cars or mailing them.

“Sales performance is inconsistent. They are not all selling more or less, if there is not everything, "explained the also president of the corporation that manages San Patricio Plaza and Galería San Patricio.

However, in general terms, shopping centers have experienced in the past month and a half an increase in the volume of people receiving. González indicated that in San Patricio Plaza they started with 50% of the public and have already had 80% days. However, the average growth that he established for today is 70% to 75%.

When González was required to establish how much numerically that percentage represents, he stated that "we do not give that specific number" .

On the other hand, based on this percentage, the businessman pointed out that it is cost-effective to keep the operations of the shopping centers open.

"It is worth it and the merchants are making the sale," he said.

In fact, he highlighted that in the last month and a half there has been no outbreak of coronavirus in any of the shopping centers, even though some stores have identified a positive one among their employees.

“We are being very rigorous and Now more than ever, all citizens have had tremendous cooperation and we want it to continue. We have to learn to live with this new reality and now more than ever, while there is a reopening, there has to be greater responsibility, "said González.

In written statements, the Fonalledas Companies informed Primera Hora that in Plaza Las Américas it has 215 establishments open and in Plaza del Caribe 98.

“Since the first day we opened (June 1), there has been a consistent increase in the number of visitors. However, we are not yet in the normal figures. We are between 60% to 70% of normal traffic for the time. Every day this number continues to rise, "it was indicated.

It was highlighted that they have maintained a strict protocol against coronavirus.

" In general, we hope to continue improving the experience of our customers in both shopping centers, "it was reported.

For her part, the general manager of the Mall of San Juan, Marnie Marquina, reported an increase in sales in stores and restaurants that remain in operation, about 100.

“We are seeing traffic that buys. Most stores are seeing an increase in sales of more than 50% from what they sold last year for June and July. We are seeing movement and many bags. Traffic is moderate since we control capacity by closing parking areas to comply with the executive order and promote distancing, "he said.

He stressed that they maintain a" robust "plan to avoid coronavirus infections and that they have achieved compliance with the customers.

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