April 16, 2021

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Increase in doctors and nurses infected with coronavirus

The president of the College of Surgeons Víctor Ramos indicated today that there is a doctor in critical condition with COVID-19, this at a time when an increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the health field, both among doctors and in the nursing sector.

"The pandemic persists in Puerto Rico"

Ramos said that in 47 physicians they have contracted the disease, 16 of them in more or less two weeks, as estimated.

"We were 31 and stayed like that for two months and now we are going for 47, in two weeks, it has shot, like the rest of the country, ”Ramos said. At least one doctor has died from the pandemic, the pediatrician Víctor de Jesús.

Only one of the 47 doctors who have become ill with COVID-19 in the entire pandemic is currently hospitalized, Ramos said. [19659004] "He is the one on the ventilator, he is in critical condition," said Ramos, who did not want to give additional details of this doctor, citing federal laws that protect the rights of patients.

The amount of Sick doctors with the coronavirus is a reflection of what is happening in general terms in Puerto Rico, Ramos explained.

"When the opening begins, people begin to bypass security measures. They thought that the virus was controlled and now we are having 100, 200 daily positive tests, "lamented Ramos.

He clarified that this number of 47 sick doctors does not imply that there is a shortage of personnel to attend to patients of COVID-19 on the island . He also said that the problem they had reported that hospitals are not supplying the necessary medical equipment to their health workers is no longer reflected, although he said that in the future, depending on the increase in cases, medical equipment could be scarce as they order supplies and these arrive on the island.

For his part, Julio Irson, spokesman for the College of Practical Nursing of Puerto Rico said that in about two weeks they have seen the number of nurses rise. who have tested positive for COVID-19, from about 200 to about 300 approximately.

He added that they are aware of two nurses who have died from the virus.

"Important : let's not let our guard down. That nursing professionals, health professionals do not let our guard down in this facet of the pandemic because we are now in the critical stage where there are more cases and more exposure and probabilities of contagion, "said Irson. [19659013]

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