November 30, 2020

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Increase in intensive and ventilator patients due to Covid-19 | government

The Department of Health today increased to 11 the total number of patients connected to an artificial respirator due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), which represents an increase of six cases in the last 24 hours.

The increase reflected in The Health portal —which yesterday numbered five in this line— occurs as the agency reported more than 600 new cases of Covid-19 in its most recent report, bringing the total number of positive and confirmed infections to 8,585.

The Health Secretary, Lorenzo González Feliciano, indicated in a radio interview (WKAQ 580) that they closely monitor the total number of patients in intensive care and connected to an artificial respirator, although he assured that there has been no significant increase in the use of health resources. .

On the other hand, the number of hospitalizations for the coronavirus is 115, a reduction of three compared to yesterday's numbers. Of these, 18 are incarcerated in the Intensive Care Unit, an increase of nine.

The country's public health system has 3,056 adult beds available and another 3,756 occupied. As for intensive beds, there are 230 available and 437 occupied. There are 831 artificial respirators available and 281 occupied.

On the other hand, Vieques remains the only municipality with no confirmed cases of coronavirus by molecular testing (PCR). Meanwhile, San Juan is the municipality with the most cases in this line, with 351.

The total number of Covid-19 cases on the Island —confirmed and probable— increased to 8,585 with the sum of 669 positive results in the most recent report. The figure is divided into 2,071 confirmed by PCR and 6,514 identified by rapid (serological) testing.

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