June 25, 2021

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Increases the probability that tropical wave will achieve cyclonic development on the way to the Caribbean

The National Hurricane Center in Miami (CNH) continues to monitor a strong tropical wave to the west of the Cape Verde Islands given that they forecast that it could have some type of cyclonic development in the coming days.

According to the CNH the probability for that system to become a tropical depression for the next 48 hours is only 20 percent, however it increases to 70 percent for the next five days.

Through its updated forecast at 2:00 pm On the tropics on its website, the CNH states that a tropical wave is producing a disorganized area of ​​downpours and thunderstorms hundreds of miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands.

Tropical wave with 70% cyclonic development in five days. (National Hurricane Center)

“The wave is expected to move west at about 15 mph over the next few days, and a tropical depression could form next week when the system reaches the western tropical Atlantic "Reads the NHC brief.

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