May 14, 2021

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Injured young man discharged with block on Baldorioty Express

Michelle Rodríguez, the young woman who was injured by a concrete block while traveling through the Baldorioty de Castro expressway in Carolina, has already been discharged, said her husband Roberto Medero.

Rodríguez, 21, was hospitalized in the Trauma Unit of the Medical Center in Río Piedras after the incident that occurred last Saturday night.

“Michelle has already been discharged, I already have her at home and she is better,” Medero told Primera Hora by phone from a pharmacy where she bought medicines for the young woman.

“I have her at home in what I get her the things the doctor told me, triple antibiotics, and we are working with her little house. Thank God everything is better, ”Medero said.

The director of the North Carolina Barracks, Fermin Gonzalez, said yesterday that Rodríguez would undergo maxillofacial surgery.

Regarding that surgical intervention, Medero mentioned that they took several stitches. “I understand that yes, they have already worked on it. They picked up a few dots, because they told me that her damage was more than anything in her teeth, “he said.

Wait for the authorities

Medero told this media that he is still waiting for the Puerto Rico Police to contact him about the case, which has moved thousands on the island.

“The police haven’t even called me. I’m waiting for them to call me to ask if Michelle can testify, so that they can come by and Michelle will give them the latest version, to see if we are done with this, “he said.

The authorities exhorted the public to communicate confidentially at 787-343-2020 if they have any information that helps to arrest those responsible for this crime.

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