June 15, 2021

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Inmate wounded in assault is held at the Río Piedras Medical Center

An inmate was beaten and attacked with a knife this Sunday morning at the Guayama Regional Prison, Annex 1,000, the Police reported.

The complainant alleges that while he was counting the inmates, he noticed that Jonathan Cabrera Rivera, 33, who was locked up in his cell in section 1-C of Annex Guayama 1,000, had bruises on his face.

Cabrera Rivera was taken to the medical dispensary of the penal institution where he was diagnosed with puncture wounds in the right chest, thigh of the left leg and in the right arm, in addition to bruises on the face and right eye. Cabrera Rivera was transported to the Río Piedras Medical Center in stable condition.

This case was referred to the Homicide Division of the Guayama Criminal Investigation Corps, to continue with the investigation.

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