June 14, 2021

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Inmates on the Island may receive an incentive of $ 1,200 | government

People incarcerated on the island are eligible to receive the stimulus check for $ 1,200 for pandemic aid, said Diego Alcalá, attorney for inmate Marcel G Rivera Kon-Kin, who sued the Secretary of the Treasury in the Federal Court to receive this economic assistance.

The lawyer indicated that on Monday the Federal Department of the Treasury authorized the amendment submitted by the Department of the Treasury to allow the inmates to request the Economic Impact Payment.

He anticipated that inmates will have no bar applying for the $ 600 recently approved by US President Donald Trump.

However, he said there are several issues to be resolved. Among these: the reason why the Department of the Treasury still considers incarcerated persons ineligible to receive this payment; whether federal inmates who completed their applications in October directly to the Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) need to reapply with the Department of the Treasury and whether it can be arranged for inmates to receive a one-time payment of $ 1,800 .

“For these and other reasons we are coordinating with the Secretary of the Treasury to keep the federal case open until we see that the Treasury is distributing the funds correctly. I will be making sure that they are fulfilled ”, affirmed Alcalá.

On November 28, Rivera Kon-Kin filed a mandamus lawsuit in the San Juan Court against the Department of the Treasury to order the agency to correct the information on eligibility to receive the benefits of the Economic Impact Program of Cares Act and that a mechanism be established that allows you to claim financial aid.

San Juan Court Judge Anthony Cuevas ordered the Department of the Treasury to request an amendment to the aforementioned Distribution plan to eliminate the exclusion of persons deprived of liberty.

In the Federal Court for the Northern District of California, in Scholl v. Mnuchin, the withholding by the Department of the Treasury and the IRS of the benefits of the referred payment was questioned.

On September 24, that Californian judicial forum issued an order recognizing as members of the plaintiff class all persons deprived of liberty located in a prison in the United States from March 27 to the present and determined that they are eligible for the Payment of Economic impact.

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