July 24, 2021

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Inspector General requests information on Foundation for Puerto Rico | government

The Office of the Inspector General of the United States Department of Housing (HUD, for its acronym in English) requested information on the monies allocated to the Foundation for Puerto Rico, as it emerged today during the hearings of the transition committees.

The Secretary of Housing, Luis Carlos Fernández Trinchet, revealed that this entity requested information on the federal funds granted to this entity. He also said that upon his arrival at the agency, he made a referral after receiving an audit on federal funds disbursed to the nonprofit organization.

THE SPOKESMAN He requested a reaction from the Foundation for Puerto Rico, a non-profit entity created in 2011 that promotes the “visitor economy and transform the Island into a world destination.”

“In the case of Foundation, it is one of the requests for information that we are receiving. We have already written to Foundation to submit the information and we have proposed a change in the way they will work, where PRDOH deals more directly with non-profit entities. That is being worked on and we have had conversations with the Federal Housing Department, ”said the secretary during today’s hearing.

According to the secretary, this entity has only been disbursed $ 900,000 for administrative expenses.

“Part of that work that Foundation was going to do, Vivienda is collecting it to request that other non-profit entities serve as a filter,” he said at a press conference.

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