February 24, 2021

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Inspectors from the College of Electrical Experts find a renewable energy installation company in Adjuntas in breach

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Puerto Rico – The president of the College of Electrical Experts (CPEPR), Frances Berríos Meléndez, clarified today that inspectors of the union intervened on December 16, 2020, with the Máximo Solar company in a Casa Pueblo project in Adjuntas for violations of Law 115 of the Examining Board of Electrical Experts and Law 131 that creates the CPEPR.

The leader of the College explained that the company illegally carried out electrical installations with 12 unauthorized workers in Puerto Rico, including three ladies without the presence of licensed and collegiate personnel, putting their lives at serious risk.

“Our College has to fulfill its social mission of protecting the lives of workers in the electrical industry. It is not about genders, we even have inspectors reviewing projects, it is about being men and women trained and qualified to carry out installation and connection work for traditional electrical systems or renewable energy, such as photovoltaic systems. We don’t want more deaths from electrocution or incomplete families from accidents. In addition, the Law is clear and is the same for men as it is for women, ”said the president.

Berríos Meléndez pointed out that the inspectors intervened with the supervisor of the installation company in charge of the project, and after being interviewed and unable to demonstrate the qualifications of its workers, the CPEPR filed a complaint as established by law.

“For your safety, every person who installs energy systems must comply with the regulations and be trained, licensed and collegiate with all their continuous education up to date. As electrician experts we complete a minimum of 1,000 hours of studies, we passed two revalidations and we were certified as installers of photovoltaic systems by the Energy Public Policy Program. In addition, the Law in Puerto Rico establishes that for every nine assistants or apprentices in a project there must be an expert electrician supervising the work, precisely to avoid accidents. There were 12 workers there without any license and without the supervision of an electrician. Both the installation company and the contractors are putting these workers at risk ”, he mentioned.

Berríos Meléndez warned all project developers that the CPEPR is conducting inspections throughout the island and that it will promote full compliance with the law.

“Anyone who hires a system installation company must be clear that the law penalizes the company for non-compliance, but also penalizes the contractor. As Casa Pueblo is an organization that we understand is law and order, we urge you to fulfill your civic responsibility to safeguard the lives of your employees, friends or collaborators. We are willing to guide you ”, concluded Berríos Meléndez.

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