March 7, 2021

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Invest 92L could start bringing rains from tomorrow

The rains that will be felt today in Puerto Rico are associated with a tropical wave that affected the island last night, and for tomorrow at night the downpours related to Invest 92L would begin, according to the Servicio Nacional de Meteorología .

Meteorologist Ian Colón of the SNM, indicated that downpours are expected through the north and east of Puerto Rico in the morning, and in the afternoon, thunderstorm rains are expected in the interior and western Puerto Rico.

The tropical wave that affected the island last night passed quickly, so it did not leave significant accumulations of water, but the humidity related to the wave will continue to bring some rain, he added.

Today, sea conditions will be choppy during the day, with waves of 6 feet, and will deteriorate at night, with waves of up to 8 feet, so there is a warning for small boat operators, he added. [19659002] Meanwhile, the risk of co Marine currents for most of Puerto Rico's beaches is moderate.

Colón indicated that between Wednesday night and Thursday it will increase the rain activity associated with Invest 92L, an atmospheric phenomenon that maintains a high probability of cyclonic development, estimated at 90% in 5 days.

Although the rain directly caused by Invest 92L will begin to be felt from Wednesday night and windy conditions are expected, it is still uncertain how the phenomenon will affect Puerto Rico, but tonight you should have a clearer picture, said Colón.

He added that it is not mentioned that the Sahara Dust in the region is affecting Invest 92L.

Likewise, the National Center de Hurricanes warns that a tropical storm warning could be issued this afternoon for the Caribbean area. Colón said that this means that the phenomenon could become a storm, but there is still no trajectory to detail how this would affect Puerto Rico.

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