November 28, 2020

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Isla Verde beach left with trash and foam coolers everywhere

A video released on social networks by the announcer and producer Jorge Pabón “El Molusco” documented how the Isla Verde beach was after the celebration yesterday, July 4, the day of United States independence.

In the video You see a large amount of trash and foam coolers thrown in the sand, so El Molusco expressed himself indignant with the situation.

“THIS IS HOW THE ISLA VERDE BEACH WAS TODAY: We haven’t learned anything, we deserve that we close the beaches for three more months. It is time that the legislators legislate a law to prohibit the foam coolers that do so much damage to our environment and also legislate to reduce the use of plastic, the next generations will never forgive us … PuercosHijosDe%&$!#ElMoluscoDePuertoRico ”, expressed the announcer along with the video that has more than 100,000 views. This may result in the closure of beaches once again.

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