June 14, 2021

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It is urgent to guarantee the continuity of the electrical service in the event of the possible passage of atmospheric events

San Juan – The representative of the Consumers before the Governing Board of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), Tomás Torres Placa, indicated that it is urgent to guarantee the continuity of the electricity service to the consumers in the face of the possibility of any atmospheric event.

“Without yet having any storm or hurricane event, thousands of consumers have experienced the lack of this service,” said the engineer while indicating that, before the start of the contract for the electrical system operator on June 1, Luma Energy repeatedly warned that the lack of human resources affects the continuity of electricity service.

“At the last meeting of PREPA’s Governing Board on May 28, it was indicated that, as of that date, 802 employees had completed the process and resigned from PREPA to join the operator, Luma Energy. The operator stated that it expected to have 2,100 employees by the date of commencement of operations because 1,100 PREPA employees had accepted its job offer, plus 1,000 additional employees had been hired outside of PREPA. This contrasts with the 4,400 employees required to operate the functions of the electrical system that fall under the operator, Luma Energy ”, Torres Placa underlined.

“Operating the electrical system without having all the necessary human resources affects the continuity of the service. This requires a serious assessment, especially given the threat that the hurricane season represents for our island. Therefore, it is urgent to review the contract of the operator, Luma Energy, to integrate PREPA employees, currently relocated to central government agencies, in the different tasks of the electricity system, ”he added.

“We are in time to review the Operator’s contract to facilitate the integration of the necessary human resources and thus avoid a major calamity in the event of a storm or hurricane,” concluded Torres Placa.

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