June 14, 2021

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It will take the result by direct nomination | government

The result of the direct nomination votes in Sunday’s special election to choose six pro-status delegates will not be known until the end of May, according to the president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Francisco Rosado Colomer.

For this event, electronic counting will not be used, therefore the votes will be counted by hand. The EEC has not implemented a mechanism to formally identify on whose behalf direct nomination votes are cast. That breakdown will be made in the scrutiny process that begins on May 18 and will last for eight days, he explained.

“We will know that once the scrutiny is over. The estimate is that it will last eight days. We intend to carry out the scrutiny during working hours from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. That does not mean that we will be able to extend it, but it will not be until 12 midnight, as it usually happens, “said the official. “We understand that eight days is more than enough to carry out this scrutiny. It can be less. It will depend on the volume of voters and the volume of votes by direct nomination ”, he stated.

Law 167 of 2020 enables the consultation to choose the delegates who should go to Washington DC to lobby for statehood and the admission of Puerto Rico as a state. This law that creates the Congressional Delegation of Puerto Rico and orders the consultation to elect four delegates to the federal House of Representatives and two to the Senate.

There are ten candidates for these chairs: former legislator Melinda Romero; the former mayor of Ponce, María ‘Mayita’ Meléndez and the former secretary of Correction, Zoraida Buzó. They are also in the race, Elizabeth Torres, Víctor Pérez, Jorge Iván Rodríguez, Roberto Jesús López, Roberto Lefranc Fortuño, Ricardo Marrero and Adriel Jared Vélez.

There are also bets on candidates by direct nomination, including former governor Ricardo Rosselló, former federal police monitor, Arnaldo Claudio, and former senator Miriam Ramírez.

Do you think Ricardo Rosselló will be elected pro-status delegate by direct nomination (write-in)?

“The system has not been adjusted to segregate direct nomination votes. The night of the event we will not be able to report how many votes the direct nominees will have. Even though we learned the lesson on the night of the elections (November general), we have not had time to modify the system in such a way that that information can be disseminated. There will be an award, but it will be transmitted in a comprehensive manner, as was done in the elections, ”explained the president of the EEC.

“To do it that night by names, we don’t have the technological tools yet. Certainly we will have what we traditionally had, which are the ‘runners’ who carry information, so there will be that informal disclosure, “he added. He will go to Ponce to vote.

Rosado Colomer let it be known that he will travel to Ponce early Sunday to cast his vote in this special election. He clarified that for this event it is not necessary to join any party and that all voters can participate.

“I intend to go to vote as a regular voter at the school where I am called,” he said.

Precinct early voting ballots begin to come out today and ballots for Sunday’s event will be distributed starting Friday.

Rosado Colomer reiterated that the vote of the inmates, the vote in the hospital and the advance vote in the precinct will be between Friday and Saturday. This time the vote in precinct will be in the offices of the Permanent Registration Boards (JIP) and not in the schools.

“All the material is packed, in their briefcases and ready to distribute since last week,” he said. “The trucks leave on Friday. They are trucks with transporters from us and highlighted by the Fire Department who are licensed for this type of truck. That has meant reasonable savings of more than $ 100,000, “he said.

The cost of this special election has been controversial since it was proposed as the EEC did not have the funds to carry it out. Governor Pedro Pierluisi later allocated more than $ 1.8 million to host the event.

School hours

For this election, colleges will open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Reportedly, there will be 724 colleges in 700 voting centers. Those interested in voting can check their polling station by texting (787) 338-1616 or calling (787) 777-8682. Also, the list is on page www.ceepur.org.

Rosado Colomer reiterated that he hopes to have the first results around 6:00 pm and more concrete figures at 10:00 pm The expectation is that between 100,000 to 150,000 voters will participate. Of these, there are 4,582 mail-in ballot requests; 66 absentee vote; 1,162 votes at home and 607 votes in advance in precinct. There are also about 2,000 inmates who could participate in the election this Friday.

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