March 5, 2021

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Janer denies having given a list of promotions to La Fortaleza | government

The secretary of the Department of Public Security (DSP), Pedro Janer, said that he has not presented La Fortaleza with any documentation on possible candidates who could be promoted in the Puerto Rico Police Bureau (NPPR).

“It is imperative to clarify that neither the Police Bureau nor the Department of Public Security have submitted any documentation to the Governor’s Office in relation to candidates or people who could be promoted in the NPPR. Similarly, no DSP personnel have requested a list of candidates for any evaluation, ”Janer said in written statements.

Janer’s statements come after THE SPOKESMAN published that promotions were managed. Janer has repeatedly not responded to calls from this outlet on this and other issues.

In the communication sent, Janer mentions that “attending to about 120 promotions to sergeant and lieutenant that remain in the eligible registry, the budget line was requested to be able to honor promotions that have been pending for more than two years.”

He explained that those who are kept in the eligible registry meet all the examination requirements and do not have open administrative investigations. “This matter is being worked on with the necessary priority, so the numbers of the positions that would be necessary so that they can be filled with the promotions of sergeants and lieutenants were also requested, this is an ordinary procedure for the occupation of positions”, added.

He adds that “as regards the possible promotions of trust (from inspector to colonel), budget approval was requested to, if possible, grant them once the approval process of the Administrative Order that was submitted to the honorable Judge Gelpí concluded.”

Federal judge Gustavo Gelpí – who is in charge of the Police Reform case – issued an order on Monday in which he prohibited promotions in the Police Bureau to the ranks of inspector, commander and lieutenant colonel until the protocol is reviewed by federal monitor John Romero, the US Department of Justice and special commissioner Alex del Carmen.

“Given that the federal Department of Justice, the monitor and the special commissioner need sufficient time to responsibly review, comment and discuss with the Bureau the draft of the promotions policy, the court orders that they not be carried out until everyone can make the corresponding recommendation on whether the protocol complies with the Reform Agreement, ”says Gelpí’s order.

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