July 30, 2021

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Jayuya Distillery presents its first rum

The Craft Spirits Distillery, established in the Jayuya mountains since 2012, presents the first of its rums: 106 Overproof Rum, created and distilled by Mr. Luis José Cruz Rivera.

The name 106 comes from its distillation process, which is taken up to 106 proof, and then bottled in 53% alcohol by volume.

106 Overproof is a completely different product from others in its category because it is aged for a minimum of 6 months in Bourbon barrels adding other exotic woods within the same barrel, which adds a very interesting degree of complexity, smoothness on the palate and a beautiful Golden colour.

The process, it was explained, is similar to the high-alcoholic tradition of American whiskeys. The high alcohol content is sought to concentrate the flavors achieved in the production process. It is a full-bodied rum with great character on the palate, which can be enjoyed “on the rocks” or “neat” but perfect for mixing in cocktails due to its high alcohol content in cocktails such as Playa, Sato and Coqui Crushed, all created by Leslie. Cofresí, Roberto Berdecía and Joey Fernandez.

On the nose you can appreciate toasted molasses, fermented cane juice, coconut candy, almonds and walnuts, banana peel. In the mouth, toasted coconut, coca powder, raisins, olives and salt are appreciated.

106 Overproof will be available for sale throughout the Island from July 21, 2021 and will be distributed in Puerto Rico by Ocean Lab Brewing Co.

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