July 29, 2021

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JCF allocates additional funds to CEE

SAN JUAN – The president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Francisco Rosado Colomer, reported on Friday that the Fiscal Control Board (JCF) approved the allocation of $ 2.5 million additional funds, for the celebration of the General Elections and the Plebiscite.

“The Board has recognized the importance of the electoral process by providing these much-needed funds to fulfill the Commission’s mission of carrying out a transparent and efficient process. We thank the Board for being open to hearing our request, ”Judge Rosado Colomer said in written statements.

Article 6.13 of the Electoral Code of Puerto Rico 2020 establishes “a fund to strengthen efforts to help voters who need transportation and guidance to get to their voting centers.”

He explained that the funds allocated will be used as follows: to comply with Article 6.13-Transportation and Other Voter Mobilization Mechanisms and to cover food expenses for college officials, the printing of Manuals and Regulations for the General Elections and the Plebiscite and for the International Guests who are the magistrates of the different electoral bodies of which since 1996, the EEC is an official member.

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