June 14, 2021

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Jenniffer González announces $ 28.9 million for Mayagüez, Patillas, San Germán, Head Start, health and transportation

Photo: CyberNews

WASHINGTON, DC (CyberNews) – Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón announced Friday the approval of $ 28,962,952 in federal funds allocated by various offices of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the federal Department of Transportation (DOT, for health services, childcare, research, and infrastructure. The HHS Administration for Children and Families / Office of Head Start allocated $ 1,033,626 in federal funds to the Municipality of Patillas within the category of social services for Head Start.

Similarly, HHS allocated various funding items to Head Start and Early Head Start Centers under Disaster Assistance funds in the social services category.

As part of this allocation, the Municipality of Mayagüez will receive $ 12,690,039; the Department of the Family will receive $ 402,920 and the Municipality of San German will receive $ 4,002,737.

These funds allocated for Head Start are final and only the disbursement date by the agency remains pending, which varies depending on the program.

As part of the funds allocated by HHS by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / CDC-CPR Center for Preparedness and Response (TP), the Puerto Rico Department of Health will receive $ 6,613,160 for emergency health services from public health (PHEP).

The Comprehensive Cancer Center of the University of Puerto Rico will receive $ 1,396,785 from the CDC / CDC-NCHHSTP National Center for Chronic Diseases Prevention & Health Promotion (DP) for the project “Puerto Rico Cancer Prevention and Control Programs and Coordinating Center”.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Research-CDC- NCEZID National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-Borne, And Enteric Diseases (CK) allocated $ 2,679,551 to the Puerto Rico Department of Health for the CDC-RFA-CK19 program- 1904.NU50 2019 Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) for Preve.

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences allocated $ 126,134 to the Central Caribbean University for a pilot research project: “SCAMP3 as a regulator of EGFR / STAT3 axis in triple-negative breast cancer” under the research program in Pharmacology, Physiology and Biological Chemistry.

On the other hand, the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) under the Federal Aviation Administration allocated $ 9,387,974 to the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport for runway repairs. Of these funds, $ 2,816,392 is part of the funds allocated for the COVID-19 emergency.

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