May 15, 2021

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Jenniffer González criticizes PREPA's response after Laura's passage | government

After the passage of tropical storm Laura, Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón criticized the response of the Electric Power Authority to the emergency.

" 8:49 pm and we have more than 191k PREPA customers without electricity. Some left without the winds having arrived. This has become“ normal ”for some. PREPA should immediately review its plan maintenance and operation. Deficiency cannot be the norm, "said González Colón on his social networks.

The commissioner urged the agency to

to begin an aggressive phase of unhooking and pruning on power lines.

Likewise, she requested that the data be reviewed and updated. components in substations and power lines damaged by use or their expired useful life

González Colón also urged the new administration of the authority to review the Feeders in Substations overloaded by previous ties made in María "and that to date have not been have returned to their normality or original state ".

He demanded that the transformers be replaced with their useful life expired.

Lastly, he requested that the“ hot spots ”be corrected in different connections of the electrical system that are uncorrected .

"RETURN the inspection and repair program for hot spots that seems to have been abandoned," concluded the commissioner.

This is the first emergency faced Efran Paredes Maysonet, as executive director of PREPA.

Yesterday, he assured that they were prepared to face any atmospheric emergency.

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