November 24, 2020

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Jenniffer González demands action from Congress on the Plebiscite

“It is our duty to respect the will of Puerto Rico. This is a direct mandate to move statehood and it is the responsibility of Congress to do so,” said the resident commissioner.

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Washington, DC – As part of the efforts made by the resident commissioner, Jenniffer González Colón, in Congress to assert the will of the people of the People of Puerto Rico in favor of statehood, the congresswoman spoke on Thursday before the Chamber of the House of Representatives for the Body to take action on this vote. The commissioner has discussed the results of the plebiscite with congressmen and several of them from both parties and from both chambers such as Stephanie Murphy, José Serrano, Darren Doto, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio have expressed themselves in favor of starting work in Congress with the results of the plebiscite in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico.

Commissioner’s message:

“On November 3, Puerto Rican voters made a clear and decisive decision to become a permanent part of this Union, to become a state on equal terms and responsibility with the 50 states.

As in Alaska and Hawaii, voters were asked a simple question: “Should Puerto Rico be admitted as a State of the Union?” The majority, six hundred twenty-three thousand of those who voted, voted YES. Statehood garnered more votes than any candidate or party on the island. I was the most voted candidate on the island, and statehood still received more than 100,000 additional votes.

The people of Puerto Rico have repeatedly voted to end territorial status. In 2012, voters answered “NO” to the question about the continuation of territorial status; And in every vote since then, the majority of the votes for a change have favored statehood.

Mr. President, the people of Puerto Rico have democratically chosen what their future should be. What is Congress waiting to act?

It is our duty to respect the will of Puerto Rico. This is a direct mandate to move statehood and it is the responsibility of Congress to do so.

Maintaining the current condition cannot be justified in any way. My colleagues from both parties are making many false assumptions and claims on the issue of Puerto Rico’s statehood, claims that are wrong and can only help invalidate the will of the people.

American citizens in Alaska and Hawaii did not receive proposals to try any other solution or meet any special preconditions, so why should we?

Congress needs to respond to this vote to achieve the goal of achieving a legal status for Puerto Rico where our American citizens are on an equal footing with the rest of the nation.

This is the right thing to do. Inequality is not sustainable.

For more than a hundred years, our young men and women have fought America’s wars alongside fellow citizens of every state, under the command of a Commander-in-Chief we cannot vote for.

For decades, my predecessors and I, without a vote in the House, have had to advocate, without proportional delegation, against bureaucracy and against both overt and tacit discrimination in federal funds and programs.

Puerto Ricans have been part of the great American family for more than 120 years. Puerto Ricans ARE part of what makes the United States what it is today. At work and in schools, in literature, the arts, sports, business, law, government, in the communities of every state, we contribute to the greatness of this nation, and we are proud of that Mr. President We accept being Americans and we want to be seen and treated as such by our own system of government.

It is time to get to work to give the people of Puerto Rico the equality that was long promised but denied. Let’s do it now. Thank you”.

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