June 12, 2021

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Jenniffer Gonzalez praises the progress of women in leadership positions

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San Juan – Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón, who in recent days was selected as the Republican co-chair of the Women’s Affairs Caucus in Congress, reported on Friday that she continues her work of empowering women, praising achievements in service public and the Armed Forces.

González Colón accompanied the mayor of Gurabo, Rosachely Rivera and in the afternoon he will do the same with the mayor of Vega Alta, María Vega, in her swearing-in acts. In addition, he attended the ceremony to promote Colonel María Juárez to the rank of Brigadier General.

“Today is a very special day for me to be able to accompany three women leaders who have stood out in their various areas for their commitment to serving the people. As the first woman to represent Puerto Rico in Congress for two consecutive four-year terms, I am very proud to know that women play a leading role in government, ”the resident commissioner said in written communication.

At the promotion ceremony of the now Brigadier General María A Juárez, the commissioner served as the main speaker where she stated that she felt a special pride in seeing the achievement of a Puerto Rican woman in the Armed Forces.

“María Juárez joins the ranks of a growing number of Puerto Rican female officers, soldiers and veterans who continue to blaze new trails for success and show what we are capable of.”

Brigadier General Juarez, a product of the ROTC at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras, had to command the largest mission in its history in 2017: she assumed her role as commander-in-chief of Regional Support Group 166 in Puerto Rico, and two months after that, he faced the largest domestic aid operation of the Army Reserve in the history of Puerto Rico: the catastrophe of Hurricane Maria, for which they carried out more than 700 logistical support missions to remote locations in All the island.

“María Juárez represents the thousands of soldiers of our Army Reserve in Puerto Rico and also the high achievement of our women in uniform, demonstrating that they are an invaluable resource for the preparation of our Armed Forces,” he added.

Regarding the mayor of Gurabo, the commissioner highlighted that she has lectured on the vocation of service and commitment to excellence in her work. “We have both had to act decisively to claim the needs of our people, such as when several communities in Gurabo were unable to recover the electricity service and Rosachely moved where it was necessary to move and sought me out so that together we could get the responsible entities to act, being the first 100% re-energized town in the region ”.

“María Vega has always said present to help communities and citizens in need, whether in public positions or not in public positions. She and I both know what it is that they want to tell us to wait until later, not now. And we have both proved that this is not the case, that when the people know that you are here to serve them, the people reward you, ”said the congresswoman.

“We live in historical times with the largest number of women serving not only in Congress but also in government positions on the island. From the Women’s Caucus, my north has been to advocate for causes that affect the figure of women, but also empower, open paths and serve as an example to future generations of leaders. On the road to equality, we must recognize the importance of having representation of women in positions of power in the public and private sectors, ”added González Colón.

Since Congress 116, González Colón has been active since several caucuses in relation to the figure of women.

The commissioner serves as Republican Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus; Republican Co-Chair of the Endometriosis Caucus; Republican co-chair of the organization Running Start and member of the Task Force of Veterans Women.

The commissioner will also attend the inauguration of the new mayor of Vieques, José (Junito) Corcino. “The Viequense community carries challenges that on the Big Island are not easy to fully understand. We have worked to achieve federal appropriations and today there is a commitment of 50 million dollars from FEMA for projects in Vieques, in addition to those of the CARES ACT and CDBG-DR. We have already obtained the resources, now to work with the new mayor to ensure that these funds become a work that can be seen ”.

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