January 15, 2021

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Jenniffer González’s campaign is denounced as being “lined with bills” by lobbyists and contractors of the JCF and PREPA

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SAN JUAN – Representative Luis Vega Ramos and the candidate for representative by accumulation, Gabriel López Arrieta, denounced Tuesday that Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González has received a total of $ 37,732 in political campaign funds, allegedly from lobbyists, advisers and suppliers of the Fiscal Control Board (JCF) and the Electric Power Authority (AEE).

The popular leaders revealed the details of the income of González’s committee issued by the Federal Elections Commission and by the entity Center for Resposive Politics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to monitoring the income and expenses of members of Congress and candidates for the Presidency of the United States.

“We already know that like Pedro Pierluisi, Jenniffer González’s loyalties also expire. He said that he would defend the jobs, but now it turns out that the main contributors to his campaign are the advisers of the Fiscal Control Board and the proponents of the privatization of PREPA, which will bring the dismissal of workers at the same time that millionaire contracts are distributed in that public corporation, ”Vega Ramos said in written communication.

They alleged that the current resident commissioner received $ 2,700 from José Carrión, third, outgoing president of the JCF, ex-brother-in-law of Pedro Pierluisi, and a member of the Latino Committee for Trump, which González Colón co-chairs. In addition, Jenniffer González received $ 1,000 from Martin Bienenstock, director of the bankruptcy and government affairs division and partner of the firm Proskauer Rose LLP, one of the law firms representing the JCF in the island’s bankruptcy proceedings, including the bankruptcy of PREPA.

In addition, they alleged that González received a total of $ 30,800 from the firm Essential Insurance and its president Marc Tacher, who is PREPA’s insurance broker and whose millionaire contracts do not reveal the exact annual amount, since their collection mechanism is through hundreds of policies that they do not disclose.

They also noted that income reports reflect that González’s campaign received another $ 14,232 from the firm. King & Spalding, PREPA’s legal advisory firm and whose main lobbyist, Steve Kupka, was involved in a conflict of interest scandal since, while advising PREPA, he was a lobbyist for a firm seeking a gasification contract for Units 5 and 6 of San Juan of more than 1,500 million dollars. The contract was managed through NFE’s parent company, Fortress Investment Group.

The popular ones indicated that the electoral income reports reveal that the resident commissioner received another $ 2,000.00 from the company AES, administrators of the coal plant in Guayama; another $ 2,700 from Justin Peterson, CEO of DCI Group who was appointed to the Fiscal Oversight Board and another $ 1,000 from the Political Action Committee of DCI, a company that represents general bondholders and those who promote the privatization of PREPA.

In addition, the leaders of the PPD expressed that the donation of the legal advisor of the Fiscal Control Board to González raises a serious conflict problem since the commissioner, as a member of the congressional commissions that attend to the affairs of Puerto Rico, has the duty to supervise the work of the Board.

“It was already published that in the 2018 payroll, Pierluisi as the Board’s attorney, reported income of $ 634,019 in salaries and commissions. That represents a substantial increase over the $ 367,462 reported on his payroll the previous year. However, Pierluisi has not published his staff for 2019, the year in which he “liquidated” his participation in the Board’s law firm. How much was said settlement? How can a lawyer who barely returned to private practice 2 years before, after being a resident commissioner for 8 years, can arrange a liquidation that is so scandalous that he does not want to make public the template where he reports it? Isn’t it a “bonus” from the Board, via the law firm, and so they free him to run full time for governor? They have raised Jenniffer González over $ 37,000 for her campaign and Pierluisi has been given a probably millionaire settlement for her services to the Board ”- Vega Ramos said.

“While the country is upset by the projected increases in energy costs, the negotiations behind the backs of the people, the resident commissioner is silent because the tentacles of the NPP reach even those contractors and lobbyists, who we already know, have filled her coffers of economic contributions to your campaign. “We already knew that Pierluisi is the attorney for the Board and the AES plant; now we also know that Jennnifer is the lobbyist for the Board and the privatizers. That’s the duplete of the PNP. The lawyer and the lobbyist of the Board and the privatizers. ”, Expressed for his part López Arrieta.

Popular leaders announced that there is additional information on the links between González and other lobbyist firms, as well as economic interest groups which will be denouncing in a timely manner, which shows that the resident commissioner has innumerable conflicts with her relatives.

“We already know that Jenniffer González spends her time traveling in the midst of crises, misses the vote, votes against to prohibit discrimination, refuses to prohibit the use of the military forces against her immigrant brothers and now, floods her bank accounts of his campaign with money from advisers to the Board and lobbyists, suppliers and proponents of the privatization of PREPA. There is no doubt, like Pierluisi, Jenniffer’s loyalties are compromised and expire as appropriate. ”Vega Ramos, who is running for the Senate by accumulation, finally expressed.

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