March 7, 2021

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Joe Biden expresses himself on the third anniversary of Hurricane Maria

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SAN JUAN – The former vice president of the United States and candidate for the presidency of that country for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, spoke this Sunday morning on the occasion of the third anniversary of the passage of Hurricane María through Puerto Rico and promised to solve the problems left by the passage of the cyclone.

You can read in this link Joe Biden’s statement in English:

“Three years ago, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, costing thousands of lives and destroying the homes and hopes of millions of Americans. After the storm, the situation worsened when many on the island were left without electricity, food or water, waiting for help that never came, “Biden said in written statements.

“Today, after years of adversity, thousands continue to live under blue awnings. The children continue to have nightmares, as the aftermath continues to haunt the survivors. And an economy still destroyed has forced many to leave the island and their families, “added the presidential candidate.

“Jill and I join with every American who is mourning the immense loss of Puerto Rico, and we honor the strength and resilience that has sustained many during these difficult years,” said the former Vice President of the United States.

“The president (n) and his administration have only worsened the suffering after years of neglect and contempt for Puerto Rico. As families and communities come together, Donald Trump lied about aid, blocked aid and mocked survivors. Trump blamed the island for the losses. The way Donald Trump failed after Maria was a precursor to his response to COVID-19: he failed to prepare the country, he failed to respond like a president, and he failed to protect American citizens, ”Biden said.

“We all deserve better. Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans deserve better. There is no place in the United States to treat any of our citizens as second class, ”said the candidate.

“As president, I will have a plan for every American, including the three million on the Island. I will ensure that we provide not only long-time disaster relief, but also a plan for recovery, response, and renewal. I will also fight for Puerto Ricans in the United States, with a detailed strategy to keep COVID-19 under control, protect and expand access to health care, and rebuild a better economy, creating millions of well-paying jobs, ”Biden said.

“On this anniversary, it is not enough to remember the devastation caused by María, we need to act to ensure that something like this does not happen again and that Puerto Rico always has the full dignity and respect it deserves,” concluded the former vice president of the United States.

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