May 14, 2021

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"Johnny" Méndez: "We are going to approve a budget"

Although they will begin tomorrow with the evaluation of the budget presented today to the country by the Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced the president of the House of Representatives Carlos "Johnny" Méndez warned today that this legislative body will not approve the proposal of the first executive to comply with electoral commitments.

"We are not going to approve a budget merely to fulfill some commitments that can be said electoral . We are going to approve a budget that is responsible, that meets the needs of the people, that has the sensitivity to address those that are the main problems of the people "said Méndez after concluding the message presented from the Center for Fine Arts in Santurce .

Méndez – who supports the primalist opponent of Vázquez Garced, Pedro Pierluisi- for the candidacy for the governorship, expressed himself happy that during the message the governor made a “collage” of the measures initiatives of both houses to attend not only the issues that have to do with the earthquakes that affected the southern area, but also issues related to the pandemic. "Whoever recognizes that projects that originated in the House of Representatives as well as in the Senate, projects that are aimed at empowering the patient … fills us with great satisfaction," he said.

He announced that during the public hearings that are beginning tomorrow they will emphasize those aspects that the governor's economic team has to point out.

For his part, the president of Sendo, Thomas Rivera Schatz, said that “the legislative bodies and the resident commissioner also recognize the effort of the governor to attend to all matters that affect the daily life of all Puerto Ricans. ” He maintained that it was a detailed message with specific figures and objectives.

He added that the message is "real" and details where the necessary funds come from to make each of the proposals come true, including the salary increases. "If (the message) is real, specifically the governor detailed the items and the amounts and where it comes from (the increases), our government promises and complies," he emphasized.

On the possibility of requesting an extraordinary session and creating A joint commission to address the issue of insurers, Rivera Schatz said that if an extraordinary session is convened, only matters that the governor determines will be addressed.

Méndez, for his part, who would prefer to discuss the matter with the governor previously, that in the Legislature there are several measures in progress directed to control that they maintain the medical plans. "Certainly these are things that have to be discussed," he emphasized.

The resident commissioner in Washington, Jenniffer González maintained that the message is a memory of the things that can be achieved by working as a team. [19659010] “I support 200% your impression and your initiative in favor of the medical class and patients in Puerto Rico. It seems to me that this had to be done for a long time and has my full support in that initiative, "he said.

José" Pichy "Torres Zamora, vice president of the Chamber, thanked the governor for giving continuity to the government's plan for the PNP and the actions directed by the past Governor Ricardo Rosselló. "Obviously, in the Legislature we are going to be looking, effectively, at the projects that he will submit in the extraordinary to see how they can be made or not come true," he said.

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