June 15, 2021

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joy is a personal decision

I know that there are no paradises without snakes, but despite everything, I believe that there will always be reasons to live, causes that help us to find meaning in suffering and our frequent losses, even in our own nature.

Humans distinguish ourselves from other beings that inhabit the planet because we are capable of determining our own significance.

We also differ because we have the enormous capacity to dream, to love and because we have the wonderful gift of smiling.

Unfortunately, today we sail through seas full of uncertainty, disbelief and hopelessness: stormy moments that obsess us with looking at what we do not have, that prevent us from seeing all the good that we can achieve and make us myopic to understand everything that life every day gives us.

In short, we cry too much and smile too little.

What happened to us? Why does the culture we have built now keep us from genuine happiness?

Why are there so many people who, even when they seem to have everything, end their lives without having fulfilled the purpose of their own existence?

Definitely, I do not have the answers to these questions, but something tells me that a large part of the problem is that we have stopped being creative, because we do not know how to extract its meaning from life.

And, above all, we have forgotten the art of smiling.

Perhaps our generation has forgotten that we are committed to living life to the full. I know that life, on many occasions, makes us walk uphill, along thorny and painful paths, but I also recognize that this is part of our human nature.

If it were not like that we would be something else, but not human beings. In fact, nothing is more human and nothing is more ours than destitution, that suffering that always lurks around the corner.

Nothing is more ours than to suffer infinite painful losses. Nothing is more human than uncertainty.

I know that there are no paradises without snakes, but despite everything, I believe that there will always be reasons to live, causes that help us to find meaning in suffering and our frequent losses, even in our own nature.

If not, life itself would be utter absurdity.

It seems to me that, despite the regrets, it is urgent that we regain our ability to smile, it is urgent that we understand that this possibility is born from the joy of willingly undertaking what our individual convictions demand.

We achieve that when we have chosen life, when our choice has been serenity, when we know ourselves to be destitute and suffering people, but also possessing the strength to transcend our inevitable pains. In short, when we learn to extract its deep meaning from life.

Perhaps the person who knows how to smile is the one who has learned to win everything without ceasing to lose his spirit, the one who has known how to find the path of creativity, knowing that this undertaking must also induce the growth and development of others.

The one who smiles is that person who knows that nobody takes anything from him, but that nobody steals from her either, he is the one who has humor by not taking the inconveniences of his own humanity so seriously, he is who, instead of complaining about what he does not have, he thanks God for what he has, but also for what he does not have.

Thus, gradually, joy is born that later becomes the sweet guest of her soul, which then encourages her to move on: strength that in turn generates a taste for life, a taste that is manifested through her smile.

It is a gift of people who have understood that the great things in life are found in the small details.

I am convinced that joy is a matter of attitude, it is a personal decision that everyone chooses and is always present for whoever wants to make it their own.

The smile is like a burning coal, a reflection of a happiness that has been deliberately built. The smile is the visible manifestation of people who choose life, joy, coexistence and understanding. It is the hallmark of those who know how to build memorable moments of apparent insignificance.

Thus, whoever is obstinate for toughness will find toughness, whoever clings to humility will find perfection, whoever seeks joy, giving smiles, will find hope for a better future.

There is no doubt that inside us there is a stranger who wants to smile, let him be! Let’s give him an emotional calendar to lean on to transform existence into a joy-filled treasure.

By the way, the smile is contagious and medicine and psychology consider it the best natural means to counteract the harmful effects that negative situations cause to health such as diseases, stress and the crazy life that we usually lead.

It is necessary to become artisans of a civilization based on love, because although it is true that “the soul hardens in its self-love, it is also unquestionable that the soul full, generous and full of meaning, expresses its greatness and magnitude of his love through a humble, improvised, happy and deep smile.

Smiling, like reasoning, are unique qualities of the human being, we need to practice them and realize that perhaps both are very rare these days because perhaps we have forgotten that we are precisely that: human beings.

Without a doubt, smiling reduces pain and enhances our human condition, in fact it makes us recognize ourselves as people and I am sure that it represents a habit of those who have known how to find the meaning of their own humanity, of their very personal existence.

So: let’s start the new year with a genuine smile on your face. Let’s start it with the warmth of joy.

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