April 11, 2021

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Juana Díaz activates protocol before exposure to Covid-19 of an Emergency Management employee

The Municipality of Juana Díaz activated the municipal contingency plan for exposure to Covid-19 after one of the Emergency Management employees tested positive for a molecular test.

The mayor, Ramón Hernández Torres indicated that a Once the confirmation of the case was received, an intervention process began with the resources of Operation Life as well as with the Municipality's epidemiologist, Maricarmen Correa.

In addition, the municipal protocol was activated, which includes initiating the tracing process, quarantining all personnel in the affected area, cleaning and disinfecting the work area, and ordering the carrying out of confirmatory tests on all employees. who were in direct contact with the positive case.

“I gave instructions so that the matter could be dealt with promptly as stipulated in the contingency plan or protocol that was discussed with all the municipal personnel prior to the incorporation of all employees to work. For us, it is vital that these servers feel our interest in safeguarding their health and safety, not only because of the importance of having them for the coordinated response to the people by our Municipality, but on a personal and family level. That is our priority, "said the mayor of Juanadino in writing.

The first municipal executive said that part of the staff underwent the confirmatory test today, Monday.

Hernández Torres urged citizens not to let their guard down and orient themselves with respect to carrying out the confirmatory test as essential measures to try to stop the increase in the spread of Covid-19. In the case of Juana Díaz, the Department of Health indicates that as of today, Monday, July 13, there were 38 confirmed cases .

"I urge citizens to get their bearings and, in the case of our city, to call the Operation 787-903-8232 telephone for orientation, case monitoring and coordination of molecular tests in the two health centers that maintain an alliance with the municipality in this case CDT San Cristóbal y Med Centro ”, concluded the first Juanadino executive.

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