March 2, 2021

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Juana Díaz and CEE agree to keep voting centers open in the communities

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JUANA DÍAZThe mayor and president of the PPD in Juana Díaz, Ramoncito Hernández announced that, after almost two years of struggle to prevent the closure of voting centers in the City, a unanimous agreement was signed between the Electoral Commissioners of the parties that allows maintaining the 17 voting centers that the City has in their respective communities.

The agreement is included in the determination CEE-AC-20-274 dated today, Friday, September 18 and establishes that “in the matter of the consolidation of electoral units of the Precinct 63 and 64 of Juana Díaz, the Electoral Commissioners for unanimously, they agree to inform the Court of First Instance that, given the proximity of the electoral event, we agreed to maintain the configuration of units present for the 2020 General Elections ”indicates the certification. The determination of the three Electoral Commissioners was notified to the Planning Commission of the EEC and the JIP of Juana Díaz.

Hernández Torres stressed that the decision represents a great victory in a process that began about two years ago in negotiations at the Local Board level and that was transferred to the courts demanding that the voting centers remain in the communities as they were traditionally used for electoral processes.

“For the past two years we have been fighting to keep voters voting in their communities as they always have. This primarily due to the fact that the majority of our voters are older people or commonly express their disagreement with the possibility of having to go out to vote outside of the environment that is common for them to vote. To this was added an element that was not at the beginning of the claim process and that is the issue of the pandemic that we are experiencing, ”said Hernández Torres.

The popular leader indicated that the issue of Covid19 in itself is a very compelling reason to prevent voting centers from moving from the communities. “The recommendations for physical distancing and the importance of avoiding crowds, among other matters related to the management of Covid19, are a matter of wide public discussion. And in the middle of that, the PNP and the PIP in Juana Díaz insisted on forcing the voter who wants to exercise their right to vote, to expose themselves unnecessarily by going to other voting centers with a higher concentration of voters. That was unacceptable and that is why we fought on all possible fronts, ”Hernández Torres said.

This determination implies that the CEE and the local parties in Juana Díaz review and agree on the facilities that will be used as voting centers, particularly in those communities where schools have been closed after the 2016 elections.

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