July 29, 2021

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Juncos barracks closed due to COVID-19 cases

Juncos РLieutenant Colonel Manuel De Jes̼s Treskow, reported on Thursday that the facilities of the Juncos District were closed to the public as a preventive measure, after two positive results for Covid-19.

He explained that after obtaining these results and as part of the established protocols, the personnel who were exposed to the Covid-19 test were sent, while the Barracks remains closed for cleaning and decontamination.

However, he reported that the personnel who were not exposed, will continue to attend to complaints from the Gurabo District in conjunction with the Juncos Municipal Police.

Citizens are urged to continue complying with Executive Order 2020-077 and if they need the services of the Juncos District, they can contact the phones 787-734-2020 or 787-737-2020 or 787-737- 2111 or 787-744-7252.

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