May 15, 2021

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Juncos residents scared by huge hole in front of their house

Juncos . Ana Luisa Colón anticipated the worst before the first drops of the tropical storm Isaías fell.

The 71-year-old woman and former employee of the Department of Health (WIC) looked out the front window of her residence from dawn waiting for his canopy to sink on Crisantemos street in the Damaris 1 urbanization in the Lirios neighborhoods. He was unaware of the moment when a huge crater, about 12 feet reappeared at the entrance to his home, extending again to the house on the left.

The sinking alert came when the transformer in its canopy exploded due to underground electricity.

“I went crazy when it happened. I am terrified of electricity ”Colón told Primera Hora, who lives at home with his three children and an eight-year-old grandson.

Neighbors of the urbanization spent all morning in the rain, sheltering under umbrellas and wearing masks to protect themselves from a COVID-19 contagion, observing the return of the gigantic sand pit that was first formed during the Hurricanes Irma and María in September 2017. At that time, Colón's car was hanging on two wheels with the threat of being swallowed.

Crater in front of a house in Juncos.

The municipality of Juncos filled the gap, currently guarded by four concrete fences, with soil awaiting FEMA funds to carry out the formal repairs. However, on Thursday Isaías uncovered the dangerous problem.

“As a result of Hurricane Maria, this undermined due to the torrential rains of this storm because there are problems with the sewerage, where a stream passes, which crosses the entire urbanization. That hole was made like this or bigger the other time. The municipality covered it because they said they could not complete the work until they would put the pipe in again, ”said María Rivera Rivas, a neighbor of Colón who lost a column and part of the sloping canopy of her residence.

“The filling they put on went away again. We have been struggling with this for three years and the situation is still getting worse. My neighbor ran out of light because she is buried and had a short circuit. We are losing part of my land and we can lose a lot (if it does not fix) and something serious happens, "he added.

Rivera Rivas lives with her husband Jerry Dávila, both nurses, and her son Christian. Fear is latent in their eyes before the uninterrupted downpour that feeds the expansion of the hole.

Crater in front of a house in Juncos.

“We are afraid of losing our residence. You have your little things and although they are material, that one rewards little by little, it is not easy to lose a residence that you have paid day by day, "he stressed.

Minutes after the arrival of this medium in the crater, the mayor of the municipality, Alfredo “Papo” Alejandro Carrión, arrived on the scene and assured that the process to adequately repair the hole is in process. The estimate for the settlement is about $ 100,000. Half of the money will be assigned by the city council, according to Alejandro Carrión.

“Since Irma this has been my primary project. This problem has to get into the back house because there are pipes. A month ago, FEMA assigned me money, but on the condition that I must have three quotes. They know that they have been listed here these days. I regret what has happened here and that these people have to suffer here, ”said Alejandro, asking for patience from those affected.

Colón thanked the mayor for his words, but for Rivera Rivas and Dávila today's promises were not enough.

“We see no solution. We want to see a solution. Do the words are gone with the wind. We are very upset, "Rivera Rivas demanded of Alejandro Carrión, who repeated that his hands are tied while waiting for FEMA funds.

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