June 14, 2021

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Justice activates seven prosecutors to investigate the murder of three policemen

The Secretary of Justice, Domingo Emanuelli Hernández and the District Attorney of the Carolina Public Prosecutor’s Office, Inés del C. Carrau Martínez, reported that the Public Ministry assigned a total of 7 prosecutors to attend the scene reported today in Carolina.

It is a very complex and extensive scene that began on Roberto Clemente Avenue, then reported near Carolina Shopping Court on Highway # 3, the persecution continued on Baldorioty de Castro Avenue in front of the Embassy Suites and the incidents on the street culminated Jupiter next to the Residencial Lloréns Torres. As a consequence of these unfortunate and violent events, 4 public order officers were injured, of which 3 of them later died in the hospital, leaving one seriously injured.

Three agents die during intervention in Isla Verde

The prosecutors of the Carolina Prosecutor’s Office who are working on the scenes are Jorge Umpierre, Jimara Gabriel, Melitza Osorio, Edil Barbosa, Steven Liong and Iris Martínez Juarbe. Along with them is the Prosecutor Alfredo Carrión, Director of the Metropolitan Center for Investigations and Complaints (CMID).

In turn, prosecutors are working hand in hand with the Bureau of Forensic Sciences, police officers, and agents of the Federal Investigations Bureau (FBI).

“All the necessary resources will be allocated to clarify this unfortunate crime and we sympathize with the relatives of the agents who bravely died in the line of duty,” said the Minister of Justice.

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