May 14, 2021

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Justice does not rule out filing charges against Félix Verdejo for the murder of Keisla Rodríguez

The secretary of Justice, Domingo Emanuelli, anticipated this Monday that the agency intends to file state charges against Felix Verdejo, charged with the federal authorities with the murder of the young woman Keishla Rodríguez.

“Yes, charges can be filed at the state level, such as murder, and work is being done on that aspect. It will be the object of more in-depth research, but yes, it can be ”, The official responded to questions from journalists during a press conference in La Fortaleza, led by the governor Pedro Pierluisi.

“There are precedents, many … there are some crimes that have jurisdiction in both forums. In the case of murder, it has jurisdiction in Puerto Rico, ”Emanuelli said.

The headline noted that this afternoon he will hold a meeting with federal prosecutor Stephen Muldrow.

Asking when state charges might be filed against him, Emanuelli responded “As soon as the investigation is complete. For that, it will require an effort that is being carried out between the Puerto Rico Police, the Department of Public Security and the prosecutors of our department … When the case is ready to be filed, it will be done ”.

Previously, Emanuelli, in a radio interview (WKAQ), had confirmed that he would press charges for the crime of murder.

“We intend to proceed with this case in Puerto Rico in the crime of murder and any other that may arise,” said the official.

Meanwhile, the Police Commissioner, Antonio López, did not rule out that charges be filed against other people linked to Rodríguez’s murder. López was questioned whether one of the suspects could be Verdejo’s wife.

“Nothing is ruled out in terms of the investigation. The murder case continues at the state level and will be corroborating and collecting additional evidence to submit it later, ”said López.

The new day He questioned why the federal authorities assumed jurisdiction of the Rodríguez case, despite the fact that the state police officers were the ones who clarified it. Alexis Torres, secretary of the Department of Public Security, denied that they had ceded jurisdiction.

“It is not that he gives in. We work and collaborate with different federal agencies and the intention is always how we manage to submit cases expeditiously. On this occasion, there were parallel investigations. The work was coordinated at all times. It is not that the case is ceded, “said Torres.

“For me, and it should be the feeling of all, it is inconsequential who investigates and processes after it is investigated and processed. And here there is parallel jurisdiction, teamwork ”, the governor declared.

Verdejo is in the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center. Federal judge Camille Vélez Rivé did not grant him bail at the initial hearing in federal court.

According to the complaint filed in federal court, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) accuses the boxer of carjacking and the kidnapping of Rodríguez. The feds have a witness who, according to López, did not go to state authorities.

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