March 7, 2021

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Justice refers Mayor of Ceiba to FEI | government

The Department of Justice reported today that it referred Angelo Cruz Ramos, mayor of Ceiba, to the Panel on the Independent Prosecutor (FEI), as a result of an investigation they carried out stemming from a complaint made by the Municipal Assembly of the town.

The complaint submitted to the mayor alleges certain irregularities in the granting of municipal funds for the realization of a domino tournament.

According to the official letter from the Department of Justice, signed by the acting secretary Inés del Carmen Carrau Martínez, the Division of Public Integrity and Comptroller’s Affairs evaluated all the evidence collected in the course of a preliminary investigation and in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 (1) of the Law of the Panel on the Independent Special Prosecutor the case was notified to the FEI.

The Justice Department document also details that on December 11, 2019, the Ceiba Municipal Legislature informed them of certain irregularities incurred by municipal officials, which included the mayor and the director of Finance, Jorge Marcano Dipiní.

The alleged irregularities refer to the granting of $ 3,000 in favor of the Puerto Rico Domino Federation for the celebration of a tournament in the municipality of Ceiba.

Several municipal legislators denounced that said donation was made without due process.

As specified, for the month of November 2019, the Municipal Legislature did not approve an ordinance to grant this donation due to doubts and lack of evidence to justify it.

However, they were later informed that the donation was made through other means, which raised their suspicions of a violation of due process of law.

The public information that emerged indicates that the mayor gave orders to the Finance Department to inflate an already approved contract for the Christmas lighting activity, and then divert the money to the Domino Tournament.

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