June 12, 2021

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Kaela’s new entrepreneurship course announced in Ponce

PONCE – The young Ponce businesswoman, Xionet Meléndez, who just opened the doors of her artisan custard business, Kaela’s, in Ponce, announces that she will have an entrepreneurship school for people who wish to develop their business idea without having to invest too much in their education .

“What motivated me to set up this course was how difficult it is to obtain tools to undertake. There are programs that are good, but it is very difficult to apply for them or they are very expensive for someone who wants to start a business ”, said Meléndez about his motivation.

As he explained, this course is aimed at people with an entrepreneurial spirit and who do not find how to develop, for people who have a business idea or for those who are already starting, but do not have a business structure that allows them to grow.

The course consists of 4 virtual meetings, a face-to-face meeting and six months of virtual accompaniment to help them develop their business model and deliver a certificate.

“I recommend this course because we are in the era of entrepreneurship, we have the opportunity to start a business from home, with a telephone and little capital … social networks are a great opportunity to sell any product or service, but it is necessary to have a structure business in order to be successful with any entrepreneurial idea, ”recommended Meléndez.

Likewise, the young businesswoman advises to educate herself and look for figures of support and inspiration, since it is the key to filling herself with the security and necessary tools to undertake.

The course has a moderate cost and payment plans are made. For more information you can contact Xionet Meléndez at 787-553-2764, find him on Instagram as kaelas.entrepreneur.academy and on Facebook as: Kaela’s Entrepreneur Academy.

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