July 29, 2021

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Krispy Kreme launches new Minis collection

The donut chain in Puerto Rico presented its new collection of four Mini-size donuts, with the additional novelty of two new filled versions.

With the launch of the new Minis, it also innovates worldwide, by introducing the first stuffed Minis. The molds that give shape to the Minis were developed locally, which will then be filled by hand; this product does not exist in any country in the world Krispy Kreme.

The new stuffed minis are Quesito and Hazelnut Kreme, the two most popular flavors in regular size donuts. In addition to these two new Minis, the Original Glazed and the new Purple Confetti will be available.

Exactly one year ago, the chain that is recognized for the variety of donuts prepared at the moment by hand presented on the Island the version of small donuts, which it called Minis. This event marked a new stage in the chain’s sales locally, since with this addition an ideal product was created to give as gifts and enjoy complementing the purchase of regular-size donuts. This resulted in a boost in the traffic of people to the stores and therefore a significant increase in sales.

“Right in the middle of the restrictions that came with the pandemic, we launched the Minis donuts and the acceptance of the guests was immediate. At a time when the vast majority of entertainment alternatives were forbidden, our stores and services became the safe exit for many. When visiting us and stumbling upon the new Minis, the time was ideal to try them out, so they became the favorites of many. That is why we have created this new collection ”, commented Felipe Flores, senior vice president of marketing.

The guest will be able to choose between the box of 16 pre-stocked Minis or they can also make their own combination of flavors in the box of 16. The price of the box is $ 10.59.

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