August 5, 2021

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La Católica announces operational adjustments

Faced with the new reality that the country is facing in the face of a pandemic, the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (PUCPR) announced today the operational adjustments and the staggered return to administrative work in its precincts in Ponce, Mayagüez and Arecibo . The natural events that the country has faced have forced the Institution to determine changes in the operation and organizational structure.

Recently, the president of the University, Dr. Jorge Iván Vélez Arocho, announced that the academic work would continue in person remotely or online during the summer periods and the August semester and, at least, until December. This decision was made by the Administrative Board and ratified by the Board of Trustees of the University.

As explained by José Frontera Agenjo, vice president of Administrative Affairs of the PUCPR, “This determination has led to an administrative and budgetary restructuring, in addition from an evaluation of direct services to students, faculty and the external community. For these purposes, there are institutional units that do not have specific tasks to perform during these periods and others that require fewer employees. It has been necessary, as part of this process, to carry out consolidations of academic departments and in other cases the suspension of employment and salary of about seventy (70) administrative colleagues and the reduction of part-time work for another fifteen (15). These measures were effective on July 1, 2020. ”

Frontera Ajenjo pointed out that the personnel subject to suspension of employment and salary and not to layoff“ will be kept a job reserve in accordance with current law. ” He added that the University will maintain the employer's contribution to the institutional medical plan until December 31, 2020, as well as the tuition exemption benefit for the employee, their spouse and their children.

“At the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico We have always tried to maintain the highest standards of quality in teaching and service. We know that our teaching and administrative staff have been key in achieving this. For this reason, to the extent possible, we have maintained, despite adversity, our workforce. Furthermore, in periods when it was not possible to work, such as after the hurricanes and earthquakes, we maintained the payment of wages to all personnel. Likewise, in periods of holidays and concessions, such as those of Christmas, we have given the days with free pay for licenses, "he emphasized.

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