June 12, 2021

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La Concha casino closed due to coronavirus

The health secretary, Lorenzo González reported today the closure of the casino at the Hotel La Concha, in the County, as a preventive measure for the coronavirus.

In WKAQ González said that the measure was taken last night after several cases were detected among its COVID-19 positive employees.

"The casino has some positives, it was ordered to close last night, we are clear that we have a situation and they had to close last night until this morning until we evaluate the situation, "said the secretary, this shortly after it was revealed that the most recent Health report speaks of 227 new infections on the Island .

He said that this It is one of several commercial offices that had to close on the weekend in the face of confirmed cases of the disease. He also mentioned a Metropol restaurant in Barceloneta, and the Mamacita hostel in Culebra, among other impacted locations.

On related issues, González said that today he expects to report a new administrative order for elderly care centers.

He stated that among other measures in these establishments, after the case of one of these premises in Carolina where two deaths and more than a dozen confirmed infections have been reported, he said that it would not be voluntary to be tested in those premises and that work would be redoubled assigned to the National Guard.

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