April 20, 2021

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Labor Department clarifies that public employees do not qualify for PUA | government

The Secretary of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH), Carlos Rivera Santiago, clarified that public employees – from agencies and municipalities – do not qualify for pandemic employment assistance compensation (PUA, for its acronym in English). ) due to the fact that during the emergency there was no loss of their main income.

“Aware of the misinformation that still persists about the receipt of money from the PUA, we have detected that some public employees requested said compensation for having had a loss of income in part-time jobs (partime) or self-employment after working hours. The PUA is specifically aimed at self-employed citizens, that is, those who work on their own account or who, being employed, have stopped collecting and are ineligible for regular unemployment, ”said Rivera Santiago.

Rivera Santiago explained that public servants at no time They have been affected by the loss of their main income, on the contrary, they have been receiving payment of their salary since the beginning of the public health emergency. "If the salary as a public employee is your main income you cannot request compensation."

The DTRH urges all public employees who are interested in returning a payment that does not correspond to them, to do so as follows:

1. You can deliver it to the nearest local office or deposit it in the office mailbox indicating in a short letter the nature of the return.

2. You can mail it back with a letter to the following address: Department of Labor and Human Resources, Payments Unit, PO Box 195540, San Juan P.R. 00919-5540.

3. If the person has already cashed the check, but is interested in restoring the amount collected, he may do so by money order or manager's check and return with either of the two previous methods.

4. Every money order or manager's check must be payable to the SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY.

The Department of Labor and Human Resources makes different efforts to recover the money that has been incorrectly disbursed in the claims presented by the citizens.

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