July 29, 2021

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Laboratories clarify access to Covid-19 tests without a medical order | PRESENT

The president of the Association of Clinical Laboratories (ALC), Juan Rexach, clarified today that the rapid molecular and antigen tests that the Department of Health authorized to carry out without a medical order through Administrative Order 467, are not free and that in case of that eventually the patient’s medical plan covers the actual costs of the same, will require a medical order.

“As these are new tests on the market, most plans still do not cover them and not all clinical laboratories in the country have them. They come from various manufacturers and are from various categories with multiple methodologies, so prices may vary. We hope that in the coming weeks the availability of these tests can be expanded and that the plans will cover the cost of the tests fairly. This has not happened with the rest of the Covid-19 tests, particularly the molecular ones, which the laboratories have had to subsidize, ”Rexach added.

He stressed that for the rest of the Covid-19 tests, it is a requirement to present a medical order.

In addition, he recalled that the administrative order of the Department of Health maintains the quality controls established by Regulation 120 and the CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment) certification at the federal level, with which all clinical laboratories in the country comply.

“We emphasize the importance of patients being tested in environments that provide greater reliability in temperature and humidity controls, such as clinical laboratories, and avoid false negatives,” said Rexach.

According to the president of ALC, antigen tests are designed for patients who reflect symptoms.

Both the antigen test and the rapid molecular test are considered diagnostic.

“This opportunity offers patients greater access to diagnostic tests, although in most cases they may have to bear the cost,” added Rexach, who expressed that this is an additional alternative to stop the chain of contagion in an accessible way. and agile since the results are ready in just minutes.

The ALC is an organization with 50 years of existence that groups some 200 clinical laboratories around the island.

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