April 17, 2021

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Lanes of the PR-52 expressway reopened from Caguas to San Juan after truck accident

The Police reopened this morning the left lane of the PR-52 express at the level of the Mennonite hospital in Caguas, in the direction of San Juan, after removing a truck that was left on a concrete fence since 5:15 in the morning .

The preliminary report of the Uniformed establishes that a tow truck crashed with a car and then turned to the left and collided with a concrete fence, so that the flow of traffic was interrupted. [19659003] No injuries were reported due to this accident.

Although initially the Police, at headquarters, reported that the accident had occurred at the exit before the Las Catalinas Mall, agent Vivian Polanco clarified to The New Day that the incident occurred at the height of the Mennonite hospital in the mentioned municipality.

Yesterday the Police in Caguas reported six traffic accidents on this road, according to Polanco. Also, this is the second accident involving a truck on PR-52 in 24 hours.

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