November 27, 2020

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Laser radar to explore the atmosphere will remain in Arecibo, says Senator Elizabeth Rosa

The new senator for the Arecibo district, Elizabeth Rosa Vélez, elected under the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) ballot, pointed out that in view of the closure of the radio telescope facilities, “what should be done is to analyze the alternatives that we have available, whether of a business nature. , tourist and educational. My thinking is that we must take the next step and avoid regrets. What’s past is past. “

Also a social worker also pointed out that the National Science Foundation (NSF, for its acronym in English) informed The New York Times that they did not know how long the uninstallation would take or the total cost of the procedure. “Some observatory facilities, they said, would be preserved, including a visitor center and a ldar, or laser radar, which is used to explore the atmosphere and ionosphere, which offers us alternatives,” the Times reported in its cyber edition. yesterday Friday ”.

Rosa Vélez added that one of the available alternatives is to follow up with NSF. “At the end of the era of scientific research in the area, as stipulated, the place still has tourist-type possibilities, because whoever arrives there for the first time is impressed with the magnitude of the structure. It is a record that the radio telescope was, at the time, the largest in the world ”.

The new senator, although she has not yet been sworn in, a fact that is estimated to be in January, is already making contacts with various people and entities to generate ideas and possibilities. “I am one of those who in every situation see solutions and not problems. Naturally, the population has been astonished at the end of the scientific era in the area, but we are going to see options, both with local, federal and even international resources ”.

According to official data from the State Elections Commission (CEE), on the night of the event Rosa Vélez accumulated 55,592 votes for 19.09%, followed by the also popular Rubén Soto Rivera with 55,051 (18.91%). The incumbents Ángel Martínez and José Pérez, from the New Progressive Party (PNP) lost their aspirations. “We were nine candidates for the district and I am convinced that after the scrutiny I will maintain that advantage. I deeply thank all the voters who gave me their trust. I got to work and offer solutions ”, concluded Rosa Vélez.

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