April 19, 2021

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Last closure of the bridge over the Caño Martín Peña

Metropolitan Highways of Puerto Rico (metropistas) announced today the final closure of bridge # 2088 over Caño Martín Peña (Expreso De Diego, or PR-22, at kilometer 1.4, at the exit of the Minillas Tunnel in the direction of Bayamón). The closing will take place from 10:00 pm this Friday, September 18 until 5:00 am on Monday, September 21, approximately.

During this closure, repairs will be made to the beams at the end of the bridge, as announced two weeks ago. These jobs require lifting parts of the structure for repairs including demolition and concrete pouring.

In order to minimize the impact on traffic, metropistas and Autopistas de Puerto Rico (APR) -concessionaire that operates the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge- continue their collaboration to maintain said bridge as an alternate route in a north-south direction (from Carolina to Río Piedras / Caguas). As has happened in previous closures, the Teodoro Moscoso bridge will be free of charge in that direction for drivers during the time that bridge # 2088 over the Caño Martín Peña is closed.

Drivers heading from Carolina to Río Piedras or Caguas will be able to cross the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge, free of charge, from 10:00 pm on Friday, September 18 to 5:00 am on Monday, September 21. The Teodoro Moscoso Bridge in a south-north direction (Río Piedras to Carolina) will operate normally and drivers traveling in that direction must pay the corresponding toll, since its path will not be affected by the closure of the bridge over the Caño Martín Peña. On the other hand, those drivers heading towards Guaynabo and / or Bayamón will have the possibility of using Kennedy Avenue, as an alternative route.

The rehabilitation of the bridge was resumed as of May 11, after work in the construction sector was restored by executive order. The bridge over the Caño Martín Peña, at the exit of the Minillas tunnel, is one of the busiest points in all of Puerto Rico, with an average traffic of more than 100,000 vehicles per day. The rehabilitation works are being carried out only on the bridge that goes in the direction of San Juan towards Bayamón with an investment that amounts to $ 10 million for the entire project, which is part of the Metropistas bridge rehabilitation program.

For more information on scheduled jobs and future traffic alterations, including alternate lanes, visit www.metropistas.com.

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