April 20, 2021

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Last day for voter registration | Agencies

Citizens have until today to register and be able to vote in November, and the lines in the Permanent Registration Boards (JIP) – attached to the State Elections Commission (CEE) – do not discourage new voters who continue to arrive to get their vote. electoral card.

During the past few days, many people say that they had not seen a mobilization of this kind, where young people show great enthusiasm in participating in the general elections.

THE SPOKESMAN yesterday made a tour of several JIPs and spoke with young people and other voters, who were finalizing the procedures to ensure that this coming November 3 they can exercise their right to vote and achieve what they described will be “a change for Puerto Rico.”

“This is the first time I have taken out the card. There is a fatigue in society and we are in the process of achieving that change, ”said Charlyne Ortiz, 25, after having obtained the electoral card at the JIP, in Hato Rey.

Ortiz explained that he has witnessed how other young people have shown commitment and responsibility to the country by taking out their electoral card and making a call on their social networks for other people to also register. “There is a large movement of young people, we cannot stay at home if we want to make a change,” said the voter.

Reject bipartisanship

Sara Barceló, 29, also attended the CEE headquarters to make a change in the residential address and thus be able to vote for the mayor of San Juan. She assured that she will not vote for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) or for the New Progressive Party (PNP).

“I voted in the last election, but today (yesterday) I came to change my address to vote for Manuel Natal, from the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana, for the mayor of San Juan. We have seen everything that has happened in the country with the PPD and PNP and I do not want them to win. We have to look for something different, “he said.

Barceló pointed out that the call of artists – as was the case of Bad Bunny – has managed to encourage many young people who perhaps did not feel identified to go out and exercise their right to vote.

Carlos Díaz, 32, agreed with his words. He was drawing a duplicate of his electoral card and indicating that he had exercised his right to vote since he turned 18. “I have always voted, but I have never seen so many young people come to get an electoral card,” he said.

“This is due to the invitation that the artists made to the young people. This was not like that before, at least I had never seen it, ”said Díaz.

However, despite the mobilization of first-time voters, Díaz doubted that this would represent a defeat for the PNP or PPD in these elections.

“I don’t think the PNP or the PPD are going to lose; They are the parties where there are more people, ”said Díaz, who said he was affiliated with one of these parties.

Surprised with youth

At the JIP located on Barbosa Avenue, a middle-aged woman who identified herself as Mrs. Torres, expressed that the flow of young people in the ranks of the CEE represents an alert to end the political tradition.

Regarding the results obtained by the PNP and the PPD in the controversial primaries in August, the woman affirmed that there was a change in people’s mentality due to the experiences during this four-year period.

“In the primaries, what one calls the heart of the roll, learned to move the pencil to remove the politicians who were already with corruption charges and left another lot out. They almost took out (Thomas) Rivera Schatz ”, mentioned Torres, who added that he will vote for the candidacy.

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