July 29, 2021

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Learn about Rodolfo’s story and the daily viacrusis he goes through to get to his medical appointments

Rodolfo Roman Rosario travels up to three times a week from Hatillo until San Juan to keep medical appointments for a heart transplant operation that must be done to correct all the health setbacks that he has had since he was a child and that now threaten his life.

His story could be similar to that of many Puerto Ricans, with the exception that Rodolfo lives burdened by the fact that he depends on the “pon” or that they lend him a car to be able to meet the appointments of cardiologist, surgeon, pulmonologist, among other specialists.

The collaboration of family and friends has helped him reach his clinical destinations, but every day it becomes more difficult for him. In addition, you feel uncomfortable having to depend on other people to be able to travel to the metropolitan area constantly.

Faced with that situation, Rodolfo spoke with several merchants in his town so that they would allow him to place a tin that shows his image and a slight explanation of his health condition so that, who can, make contributions that allow him to collect the $ 40 a day that he requires for expenses gasoline, tolls, lunch for him and his wife, parking expenses, among others.

“Every two weeks I go to pick up the kids that they leave me in the tin, but it really doesn’t give me … I looked for help in the municipality to see if there was any kind of transportation, but they told me that they are holding on for the moment with those expenses. . My children (residents of the United States) help me as they can, but it is really difficult for me. And I need to keep these appointments so that I can do whatever it takes to get put on the heart transplant list … my fear is that the stress that this is causing me will hurt my heart more and that I may not even make it to that date alive “, says who claims to be “in the last stage” to be placed on the list of people waiting for an organ donor.

“I turn 50 on April 8 of next year … I tell my wife that if God allows me to comply with all these tests and the operation occurs, I want to celebrate that birthday as a new gift of life.”Said who receives aid from the PAN and $ 80 from social welfare that allow him to pay for water and electricity services.

To questions from First hourRodolfo explained that his heart conditions date back to his childhood. “I remember that my mother took me to the doctors in San Juan when I was little, but they couldn’t find anything for me. It wasn’t until a winter of 2014, when I was living in Chicago, that I was in very bad pain. My chest began to tighten well, very hard and I said to my wife: ‘I feel like I can’t even breathe’. There we started for the hospital and they told me they had to do an open heart operation immediately because my aortic valve was closed and I needed a replacement “, he counted.

The surgery was effective until in May 2020 he received the diagnosis that his valve was failing again. That same month he entered the operating room for a new replacement.

“But after three months, in the middle of the pandemic, I felt bad again. He gave me mycoplasma (respiratory infection) and pneumonia and I was in intensive care for 15 days … the doctors saved my life. But at that time they told me that they could not operate on me again because this time I have a liquefied mitral valve. The surgeon Cid Quintana He told me that the only thing left was to do the heart transplant and we have been there since January. Weekly, I go to the doctors to comply with everything that is required so that they can put me on the transplant list and we are already in the last stage, “he said.

“We are reaching the end, but it has been very hard for me because of all this transportation. I swear to you that there are days that I even get a little chest pain and it is because of the same stress and this concern that I always have about how I am going to get the money to get to my appointments. Is not easy. And it makes me very uncomfortable to say it and ask for it, but I need help. I swear to those who can help me that everything I say is true and I can give them my papers and they can call my doctors to see that it is true. I have evidence of everything, “added the patient anguished.

He stressed that perhaps his story would be different if he had received the $ 1,400 of the last federal stimulus granted by the pandemic crisis. But an apparent bug in the system of the Department of Finance delayed that payment.

“It is that everything happens at the same time … they are tests that God gives to one”, he says resigned, thanking those who feel interested in helping him You can send donations through ATH Móvil at (787) 446-0630.

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