August 4, 2021

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LeBron James with his fourth title and MVP continues to hunt Michael Jordan

Florida – Star forward LeBron James continues with his goal of surpassing the great legend of Michael Jordan in the history of NBA basketball and this Sunday he took another step by getting his fourth champion title and Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. ) of the Finals.

He did it after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat 106-93 in the sixth game of the NBA Finals, which beat the best of seven 4-2.

Once again, LeBron James was the great figure who guided the Lakers to their seventeenth NBA championship title, tied with the Boston Celtics, as the best in history, in just his second season with the Los Angeles team.

LeBron James finished the game with a triple-double of 28 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists, in what was the eleventh he achieved in the NBA Finals, a new record of all time.

The 35-year-old forward, who previously won the Finals MVP in 2012 and 2013 with the Heat and in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers, is the first player in NBA history to win the award with three different franchises.

James stressed after receiving the trophy that his only objective was to prepare for the title and be the example to be followed by his teammates so that in the end everyone feels proud as every time he has achieved the titles.

In winning his fourth Finals MVP award he surpasses Magic Johnson, Tim Duncan and Shaquille O’Neal to rank second all-time, behind only Jordan, who won the award six times.

James capped off his 17th season in the league with a virtuous career throughout the postseason, shooting more than 50% from the field while directing the Lakers’ offense on virtually every possession he had on the court.

He also showed commitment on the other end of the court, playing a key role in a suffocating defensive unit.

The most important thing is that James beat forward Jimmy Butler in what was a confrontation that only had some interest when the Lakers’ star himself allowed it, he showed that in the decisive moments and the important game the new franchise player of the Heat disappeared.

Thanks to LeBron James, the Lakers also have their 17th NBA championship, their first since 2010, when it was won by Kobe Bryant and Spaniard Paul Gasol, and they are tied with the Boston Celtics as the best of all time.

Although James was decisive, the presence of center Anthony Davis, signed in the summer of 2019 by Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka, also made the difference in winning the title.

Not counting the sinking in the Western Conference semifinals of the Los Angeles Clippers, who allowed themselves to snatch a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets, who were the finalists who never could with the Lakers.

James recognized that without the presence of Davis it would not have been possible to fight for the title, as happened in the first stage with the Cavaliers and hence he decided to go to the Heat to achieve his first two titles with the help of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

“Anthony trusted me and I in him so in the end we were able to do better individual and team basketball together,” said LeBron James, who becomes the second oldest player to win the MVP award of the finals of the NBA and the fourth with more than 35 years.

The oldest were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38 years and 54 days, in 1985), James (35 years and 286 days, 2020), Wilt Chamberlain (35 years and 260 days, in 1972) and Jordan (35 years and 117 days , in 1998).

James’ fourth championship gives him more rings than any other active player and places him within a title of a group of 13 players who have won five, including Johnson, Duncan and the late Kobe Bryant.

Now you just have to convince Davis to stay with the Lakers and help him have the opportunity to keep alive the goal and dream of surpassing his great childhood idol, the legendary Jordan.

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