August 4, 2021

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Medalla Light arrives today in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland

The company Cervecera de Puerto Rico reported that its Medalla Light product will begin arriving today in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, was reported in a press release.

Earlier this month, The company announced the arrival of the Medalla Light to New Jersey and Pennsylvania which is why the jurisdictions in the United States where Puerto Rican beer arrives are already consistent, which according to the company’s statement, “has been deserving of important international distinctions ”. The other states are Florida and Connecticut.

“It never ceases to amaze us the great acceptance our brand continues to have in the east-central region of the United States, which should be a source of pride, not only for our company, but for all of Puerto Rico. The can of Medalla Light carries its logo, but in an emblematic way it carries our flag. That, without a doubt, has been part of the success, “said Jorge Bracero chief marketing officer for Cercecera de Puerto Rico.

Medalla Light will be available in nearly 300 stores within the next few weeks , in packages of 6 and 12 cans, as well as packages of 6 and boxes of 24 bottles. The responsibility for its distribution in the three states was delegated to EMD Sales, a company owned by the Puerto Rican, Elda Devarie .

It is estimated that in the areas where the Medalla Light will be distributed, they reside near of 170,000 Puerto Ricans. “Without a doubt this is a great advantage, but we do not rely on that fact, but on the excellence of our product. We want to delight our own, but also conquer new consumers, “Bracero concluded.

In Puerto Rico, Medalla Light is the number one beer in sales with a 30% market share; leadership that has served as a spearhead for his foray into the North American market.

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